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Not so long ago, there was clearly a man who was amusing, intelligent, successful and extremely handsome (6’2″, fantastic human anatomy and sports with brilliant blue eyes and dimples). You’ll consider with a resume such as that, he’d being my Prince Charming. Me-too, until we remembered I am living in

my personal

dating world maybe not Cinderella’s.

Mr. Not-So-Prince-Charming and I also met online (surprise!). As my visitors and that I have talked about in earlier times, fulfilling some one on the internet is tough. It alters the complete video game of online dating. There is the uncomfortable introductory email to see if each other has an interest. Should they react, your primary contact is via mail then at some point a call or two. You can typically determine if they’ve got biochemistry following the first or second e-mail change. Genuine to online dating sites form, we a handful of extremely witty and lively emails heading back and forth until he chooses that he would like to know me as and chat live. The phone discussions are only as swoon worthy once the emails, which make me like him much more. By the time the first go out rolls around there’s a whole lot build-up that i really could hardly stay nonetheless from the cab trip over to the restaurant.

We went to my personal favorite little Mexican cafe on Southport. We wandered in to the bistro when the guy noticed me personally, the guy stood upwards, there he was throughout of their 6’2 deliciously dimpled magnificence. He was thus lovable that I was strangely stressed — but I experienced on a fresh gown, and so I took comfort in realizing that even when this date went along to hell, at least i might look really good dropping in fires.

Our communicating ended up being thus comfy that I found myself over becoming stressed following basic 15 minutes (and also the basic margarita, that I’m certain did not hurt). After dinner, the guy kissed me from the cheek, hailed a cab for my situation and unsealed my car home. To my method residence, i acquired a text information from him claiming “Gena, I got an incredible time this evening. You are best. Let us repeat soon.” He was an amazing gentleman, and I once again come across myself swooning.

Inside times after all of our basic day, we emailed consistently, talked regarding the cellphone as well as set-up a second go out. The night of our second day, I got a text information nevertheless “Gena, I’m so sorry, but could we reschedule dinner for today?” I, being the understanding, amazing, and seemingly modest, lady that i will be, said, “needless to say! Did you have a crazy day at work?” The guy reacted with, and I child you perhaps not — drum roll please — he was “so wrapped upwards in playing wow (that is WoW for your family computer system nerds) he cannot move away” and thought we have to reschedule for the following evening.

Huh? Was I absolutely simply terminated in for Druid, Warlock and Rogue? Aren’t getting thrilled, nerds of the globe, we Googled the characters; I didn’t know that off the leading of my head. This didn’t happen only once, or twice. It just happened three differing times! That. Was Actually. It.

Multiple email messages are replaced between him and I about their flippant mindset that the guy responded, “i am absolutely enthusiastic about you, please don’t think I am not. Basically weren’t, I would personally not have delivered you any emails or texts as we went out. Just think of me personally since the tortoise from the Tortoise in addition to Hare tale. We move REALLY gradually, simply take my time, and desire to do things the right way. While I dated my personal one really serious sweetheart for four decades, it required over monthly to ask this lady on an official big date outside planning booze it up with this common pals. When considering me, basically had not been interested, when I said, I would never have taken care of immediately emails and texting. Im just so used to becoming by yourself it is difficult to get available and begin to like somebody and you’re an easily likable person.” Today, aside from the “you’re an easily likable person,” I found myself stumped. We ask you, just how sluggish is really sluggish (many thanks for the gratuitous caps, bud)? The Tortoise while the Hare? ONE serious girlfriend? Did I mention he had been 32? Performed we skip any such thing?

Not surprisingly, we never ever continued that subsequent go out because yes, he’s correct, I


a likable individual, the good news is I’m a likable


person, and that’s a bad combo. I really hope the guy along with his Warlock live cheerfully previously after together.

**People usually ask me how I complete these absurd times with such a level mind and very little anger. Solution? My friends. Without my personal hysterically funny and similarly asshole-ish buddies, I would personally have given up dating 30 year back. Under is an easy email exchange from a couple of all of them that forced me to giggle.


From: CL

Sent: Tuesday, July, 7, 2010 5:00 PM

To: Gena; AS


Simply which means you learn, if he actually ever emerged to our house, i might generate a spot to complete every thing, and I also suggest e-v-e-r-y-t-h-i-n-g slowly. Stating hello wouldn’t do the normal .5 mere seconds to say. I would stretch just that one tiny word “hello” out and work out it 30 seconds very long. Then I would go to shake his hand and therefore alone would just take most likely 11 minutes… simply to get my hand to his hand level. Once that’s done, and I’m strolling out – it can take a great 45 minutes for me simply to walk from home with the chair. He would ask yourself precisely what the HELL had been having a long time… and then I would clarify (slowly obviously) that I happened to be going at rate he moves. Believe he’d finally have the effing image?

From:, AS

Sent: Tuesday, July, 7, 2010 5:23 PM

To:, CL; Gena


Kindly invite him over!!! I would personally probably roll on to the ground chuckling my ass down! Slowly, obviously!

And most likely pee because slowly when I could in my self from chuckling so very hard.

Maybe you could discuss anything about obtaining blended indicators from their bizarre behavior. After that list a couple of “for instances.”

1) He seldom answers your own phone calls.

2) the guy blows down dates for shows and video games!

3) Knock off the e-mail and texting and talk. Oh wait. Is the fact that after three months? Then in 30 days you can start team dating. After that monthly then you’re able to go out by yourself. Oh my personal God, you may be matchmaking a 16 yr old!

Basically, he needs to be obvious. According to him he’dn’t text (coughing, coughing) if he had beenn’t interested. But he isn’t curious enough to stop playing a pc online game? I would personallyn’t content him anymore.

Then I’d go directly to the mall and grab some new garments in the Rave.